My V-Tight Gel Review – Learn From My Experience Before Buying!

My Experience With V-Tight Gel…

I’ll be honest: my sex life wasn’t what it used to be. After a few kids, and well, LIFE for all these years…

it just wasn’t the same down there, you know?My husband and I love each other deeply no matter what our sex life is like – and I know that will never change. It’s just that we used to have mind-blowing sex, and for the past few years… neither of us have really felt much.

I started feeling guilty, like I couldn’t show up for our love life the way I used to when I was younger… and this started to get in the way of our emotional connection.

I remember the day I heard about vaginal tightening products. They sounded too good to be true – but I was willing to give them a go, for both my marriage and my sex life!

What is “The V-Tight Gel”?

Finding a product with all-natural ingredients was a priority for me (I’m not putting some unknown chemicals down there!) So, to my joy, I discovered V-Tight Gel which uses Manjakani Extract as the main ingredient for tightening.

I ordered a bottle on the spot for $39.95 (thank you online shopping!) and eagerly awaited its arrival. While they offered discounts for a bulk purchase, I wanted to see how the product worked before committing further.

Now I can tell you, this product works… V-Tight promised to help women like me reverse the loss of vaginal elasticity, even restoring lubrication and suppleness.

Apparently, the astringent effects of Manjakani (the main ingredient) is incredibly healing for the vagina and restores health and toning without any weird odors or side effects.

While I originally had my doubts about a product like this working, I was shocked at the actual results. About 5 minutes after applying the product, I experienced a tingling-sensation-turned-vaginal-contraction. It was go time!


Surprised and excited, my husband and I wasted no time making love and it was AMAZING, as you might well imagine!! A whole new world suddenly opened up to us! Great, youthful sex was possible again.

I was happy with the results I felt with V-Tight, but was curious to explore the alternatives to see if there was something even better out there.

However, I was in for an unpleasant surprise. What I didn’t realize was that the month prior, I hadn’t simply bought one bottle…

I had ended up locked into a monthly subscription that would prove nearly impossible to cancel!!

The next month, another bottle of V-Tight arrived, and I was billed $39.95 again.

You can imagine my anger, since I had decided to explore alternative products – suddenly, I felt trapped with this one. Calling customer support line wasn’t much help – it was a huge headache to cancel my subscription and receive a refund.

This whole process really made me question the quality of V-Tight – if they have to manipulate customers into purchasing, it can’t be the best product out there.

Downsides of V-Tight

  • Locked into a subscription. While the product did work, I was unimpressed with the sneaky way they locked me into a monthly billing cycle when I no longer wanted the product.
  • Didn’t work as quickly. V-Tight did work, but Amaira started tingling and tightening much faster – within just a minute or so, it seemed!
  • More basic ingredients. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but V-Tight doesn’t contain the vast array of natural ingredients that Amaira does for supporting lubrication, suppleness, and overall vaginal health. I just found Amaira more robust and effective for the price!

FINALLY, I Actually Found A Better Solution!!

Amaira All Natural Tightening Gel

After finally removing myself from the V-Tight trap, and conducting some in-depth research on the alternatives, I discovered Amaira – a similar vaginal tightening gel that uses the same Manjakani Extract combined with Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, and other herbs to even further enhance sexual pleasure and vaginal health.

Amaira took effect more quickly than V-Tight – (and more powerfully I might add!) For the first time in years, my husband and I both felt the renewed pleasures of lovemaking with tighter contact and no dryness whatsoever.

It HonestlyFelt Like We Were In Our 20’s Again!

Not only was this some of the best sex we’d had in years, but we felt emotionally closer, excited about our love life again as we were in the early stages of our relationship.

I love Amaira – not only for its straightforward pricing model (no sneaky subscription traps!), but because it works quickly, effectively, and really helps my vagina feel rejuvenated and tight both during and after sex.

The Amazing Benefits of Amaira

I hope this can shed light on my experiences with both products, and pave the way for any other women who are looking to enjoy great sex again. Trust me – Amaira backs their claims with a great product that works, without the sneaky lock-in.

It’s truly worth every penny to experience sex like this, and to feel young and rejuvenated again – Amaira, you’ve found a regular spot in our bedroom!

Instantaneous tightening
Right away, a cooling and tingling sensation lets you know that the gel is doing its work. I loved that I could apply Amaira just moments before intercourse – it’s amazing that it can be incorporated so naturally.
All-natural and non-irritating
This was a huge one for me – I’m not willing to put chemicals in my lady parts, and I don’t recommend you do, either. Amaira is made from Manjakani Extract, Organic Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, and Pueraria, which combine together for a powerful tightening and rejuvenating effect.
This endorsement was particularly important to me, as it’s so easy for companies to put whatever product they want out there without having any medical verification whatsoever. Even if a product is all-natural, I want to know that my medical doctor won’t have any problem with me using it – and would even recommend it.
Easy to use
I was a bit worried that the product would be unpleasant or awkward to use, but this wasn’t the case at all. Amaira spreads easily, and has no odor or weird side effects, and we could use it with condoms as well.
Flexible buying options
Unlike V-Tight, I could purchase just one bottle at a time to test its effectiveness for myself. This in itself was enough for me to feel confident about what they offer, because I wasn’t locked into any sort of long-term deal before I even familiarized myself with the product.
60-Day Money back guarantee
I love the confidence they carry with their product – needless to say, I never needed to use this guarantee, and have continued ordering!

Rejuvenate Naturally
& Rediscover True Intimacy

A surgical procedure on your intimate area not only is invasive, but can be painful and lengthy until full recovery.

There’s hope! Natural tightening vaginal gel crafted with Manjakani extract can work wonders without the risk of surgery failure