Let’s face it: Vaginal loosening is not a topic that most women feel comfortable talking about, but it is definitely a more common problem than you might think.

Millions of women have experienced a loss of elasticity in their vaginal walls due to factors such as aging, childbirth and hormonal changes. This can lead to a decreased sensitivity in the vaginal area, which can often produce a lackluster sex life.

Not only can this be frustrating for you, but it can strain your relationship with your partner as well, and could eventually create an undercurrent of stress in your relationship.

If you are finding that your sex life has become less enjoyable due to a slackening of your vaginal walls, it would definitely be worth your while to find out what types of solutions are available to help restore firmness and elasticity to your vagina.

Understanding how to tighten vag walls can definitely help bring the pleasure and satisfaction back into your sex life.

How Does Your Vagina Get Loose?

Contrary to popular belief, your vagina does not get loose by having too much sexual intercourse. Keep in mind that every woman’s body is different, and the elasticity of vaginal musculature will vary from one woman to another.

That being said, an almost universal rule in female physiology is that the muscles of the vagina actually loosen up and relax when a woman becomes sexually aroused; this is the vagina’s way of preparing for penetration.

comparison vagina

This doesn’t mean, however, that frequent intercourse will cause a woman’s “Mount Pleasant” to eventually become the “Grand Canyon”; this is somewhat of an urban legend, and is based on unsubstantiated rumors rather than facts.

So what can actually cause your vagina to get loose? Childbirth is perhaps the number-one culprit, but aging can also be a factor. As a woman ages, natural estrogen levels begin to decrease, which can thin out the vaginal walls and cause them to become less elastic.

What Are the Benefits of Tightening Your Vag?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of tightening your vagina is the difference you will experience in your sex life. Having taut, firm vaginal walls will allow you to experience more sensation during intercourse.

Your orgasms will be more intense and explosive, and it will definitely make a difference in your man’s pleasure levels as well!

How to Tighten Your Vaginal Walls Naturally

black&white v tight gelOne of the most common recommendations to help to firm up the vaginal walls is to perform Kegel exercises. This is basically a “workout” for the lady parts in which a woman tightens her vaginal muscles and holds them in that position for a few seconds, and then relaxes them again.

Many women also use Kegel exercises to help control urinary incontinence and to increase the intensity of their orgasms. The only problem with Kegel exercises is that the results can vary quite a bit from one woman to the next.

Another popular alternative for tightening vaginal walls naturally is to use some type of vaginal tightening cream that contains holistic or organic ingredients.

Vaginal Tightening Cream: Is It Worth a Try?

There’s a whole lot of talk out there right now regarding the merits of using vaginal tightening cream to restore firmness and elasticity to your vaginal walls. Some of the creams and gels being advertised claim to be able to make your vagina feel nice and tight again, almost like it was before you became sexually active.

When I first heard this, I thought “Well, that sounds great, but is it true?” Since I’m the kind of person doesn’t rush into anything, I made up my mind to do as much homework as I could before trying out any vag tightening creams or gels.

I narrowed down my choices to a handful of products that seemed to be legit, and then over a period of months, I tested them out with varying results.

Some of the vaginal tightening creams and gels I tried did an okay but very temporary job, while others simply didn’t work at all. To be honest, nothing really “clicked” until I discovered a vaginal tightening gel known as V-Tight Gel.

What is V-Tight Gel?

v tight gel with couplesV-Tight Gel is an all-natural v tightening gel that can help women restore their vagina’s natural tightness and elasticity.

It contains an active ingredient known as Manjakani Extract, which has been used for centuries in Asia and India to help women reverse the loss of vaginal elasticity that can come from aging, childbirth and hormonal changes.

The biggest advantage of using V-Tight Gel is that it can help rejuvenate your vagina and restore its tightness without having to use prescription drugs or resort to surgery such as vaginoplasty.

How V-Tight Gel Can Help Tighten Your Vagina

The Manjakani Extract found in V-Tight Gel is one of the most potent natural astringents known to man. Not only will it firm up and improve your vagina’s overall elasticity, but it will also help to reduce vaginal discharge, which can sometimes carry a bad odor.

The best part about it is that Manjakani Extract will not irritate your skin, it contains no harmful additives or ingredients, and it is safe to use in conjunction with condoms.

There was only one thing about V-Tight.. but I’ll touch out that later.

How Long Does V-Tight Gel Last?

This is one of those areas that may vary based on body chemistry, but I found the V-Tight gel to have a pretty solid lifespan.

While my husband and I rarely have “marathon sessions” anymore, I can safely say that the gel lasted all the way through our “encounters”, which would average anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

Does It Smell Good?

This is a very important feature for a v tightening cream to have. Yes, V-Tight Gel smells very fresh and clean, which can mainly be attributed to the Manjakani Extract. It will knock out those unpleasant odors and restore the pH balance in your vagina.

Will It Make Me Smell?

While it is nearly impossible to speak for every woman’s particular body chemistry, my own experience (plus the experience of dozens of reviewers online) seems to confirm that V-Tight Gel will help you smell better down there.

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before I Can Have Sex?

If you’re like me, your vagina will respond to V-Tight Gel quite quickly. This is one of the beauties of this vag gel–it works super-fast.

You can spread the gel on your “honeypot” and be ready to rock-and-roll within minutes of application.

So, What’s In It? Is V-Tight Gel Safe?

As mentioned earlier, the active ingredient found in V-Tight Gel is a powerful natural astringent known as Manjakani Extract.

It is all-natural, so you won’t have to worry about any potentially harmful side effects that come along with other “remedies” such as prescription drugs.

Can I Use It During Pregnancy?

According to the World Health Organization’s Herbal Safety Guidelines, Manjakani is not listed as an unsafe herb for pregnant or nursing women.

That being said, if you are currently pregnant or nursing a child, it is still strongly recommended that you consult your health professional before using V-Tight Gel.

When Can I Use V-Tight Gel After I Give Birth?

After childbirth, doctors typically recommend that you abstain from having intercourse for about six weeks, especially if you had a tear or an episiotomy during labor.

After this time, you should take it easy and gradually enter back into regular intercourse, at which time you can try V-Tight Gel with no problem.

What’s the Best Time Frame to Use the Product Before I Should Stop?

The most common time frame in which to use V Tight Gel is within 5 minutes of beginning intercourse. Taking the time to apply the gel during this preparation period will set you up for the most favorable experience.

Will This Affect My Natural Lubricant?

The short answer is “no”; if anything, V-Tight Gel will serve to further enhance your natural lubricants. V-Tight Gel is known for its ability to restore lubrication and eliminate dryness in the vaginal area.

How to Apply V-Tight Gel

Here’s a basic list of steps to take to apply V-Tight Gel:

  1. Wash and dry your hands.
  2. Squeeze out a small amount of V-Tight Gel (roughly the size of a quarter) onto your fingertips.
  3. Slowly and gently insert your fingers into your vaginal opening.
  4. Gently massage the gel into the inner walls of your vagina.
  5. Give it a few minutes, and you should begin to feel your vaginal walls tighten.

It really is that simple!

How V-Tight Gel Has Helped Others

There are dozens of V-Tight Gel reviews all over the Web from women (and happy husbands) who have experienced great results from using V-Tight Gel.

Many women have claimed that they noticed an immediate difference in the firmness of their vagina upon first using the product, which also led to much more intense and satisfying sexual encounters with their partners.

Men have raved about how much better intercourse feels, and how much more pleasant their partner’s “love zone” smells as well. In short, V-Tight viginal tightening gel has earned a stellar reputation for doing exactly what it claims to do, and you can’t ask for too much more than that.

Where to Buy V-Tight Gel – Is It The Best Product?

The best place to buy V-Tight Gel is straight from the company’s official website.

Their 90-day money back guarantee is more generous than most, which means that they stand firmly behind their product.

My suggestion is that you give V-Tight Gel a try. The only thing about V-Tight is that it didn’t last as long as other gel’s I’ve tried.

My Recommendation is Amaira All-Natural Tightening Gel. I found this work the best for me and didn’t mess with my natural lubricant in any way.


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